Our Vision

Electric bike technology is advancing in leaps and bounds.  Companies like Zero, BionX, and Specialized are pushing the envelope on performance, with new designs and engineering innovation.  


This is an exciting time for electric vehicle (EV) enthusiasts!  Yet the bikes are expensive, costing thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. 

Our Solution

Experience Electric gives riders a chance to try these awesome machines around the city.  The bikes are FUN, and have to be ridden to be truly appreciated.  


What better way to see Toronto than on a fast, nimble, zero-emissions machine?   


Our Services

We rent electric motorcycles and bicycles, offer guided tours, and basic skills training.

Meet our knowlegeable instructor guides. Learn and discuss the mechanics before throwing your leg over and going for a ride.  It's power that will thrill you and make you smile and gasp, and ask for more!